Plant Select Demonstration Garden

A Plant Select demonstration garden that is a project of the Colorado Master Gardeners at the CSU Summit County Extension.

Recommended Plants

Primula eliator is drought resistant and charming in the garden. It grows to about 10 inches and tolerates partial shade. The airy pale yellow flowers bloom early in spring.This primula is more persistent than its cousins and thrives in calciferous soils.

Aquilegia chrysantha is a native to canyons of the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts of the southwest and is found in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado. This perennial can grow to 3 feet tall. It is perfect for the shaded areas of the garden as it tends to go dormant during drought and heat, particularly at lower elevations. This golden columbine is pollinated by moths, butterflies and bees. It requires good drainage and thrives in rocky soils like the crushed granite of Summit County, but is adaptable to any garden soil. 

First Love® Dianthus is a clump forming dianthus with flowers that change from pure white to deep rose. Once blooming, it will continue until frost. A wonderful fragrant perennial that tolerates the light shade under aspen trees.

Crystal River® Veronica is an evergreen ground cover that has a solid mass of tiny blue flowers in early spring. It is very fast growing and vigorous and tolerates dry conditions.

The Redleaf Rose is a lovely rose for high altitude gardens, it is native to the mountains of central and southern Europe. It grows tall to form with a lovely shape which is upright with arching stems. The smokey maroon leaves are a wonderful contrast to sagebrush. Use it in formal or wild spaces.